Our Services

Accounting Services:

Depending on your requirements, we perform the following Accounting Services:

  • Bookkeping according to double-entry accounting system and in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • Analytical Records: Fixed Assets, Supplies, Customers, Vendors, Calculation of Depreciation;
  • Petty Cash Register;
  • Inventory Accounting, wholesale-retail;
  • Complete Tax Records;
  • Preparation of Financial Reports;
  • Preparation of Interim and Annual Reports;
  • Preparation of Statistical Reports of all types;

Other Accounting Services upon Client requirements;

Payroll and other Tax services:

Depending on your requirements, we submit mandatory tax reports and perform following type of services:

  • Payroll , Earnings&Benefits and other personal income;
  • Company Income Tax;
  • VAT;
  • Withholding Tax;
  • Lease of movable property and real estate;
  • Interest calculations;
  • Other types of Statements related to Client requirements;
Applicable Regulations:

Application and modification of applicable laws and regulations require their review and interpretation on daily basis. Continuous education, review of expert and scientific publications, provide guarantee that you shall receive updated, timely and relevant information regarding all modifications occurred.

Tax Consulting:
  • Tax Planning of complete Company Business;
  • Tax Audit and Control of Internal Tax Procedures;
  • Providing of expert opinion regarding certain transactions and interpretation of regulations;
  • Notification regarding current modifications of Tax Regulations;
  • Application of Contracts on avoidance of double taxation 
Administrative Services:
  • Preparation of Business Documentation for booking;
  • Compliance of Accounting Records with Records of your Business Partners;
  • Preparation and drafting of documentation (letters, pro-forma invoices, invoices etc.);
  • Preparation of various applications to State Institutions;
  • Preparation of Note for due unpaid claims of Customers;
  • Performing electronic payment transactions;
  • In Balance Accounting doo

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